WordPress Security

I’ve had a couple of new clients lately that have come to me lately because they were having big problems with their WordPress sites getting “hacked” continually, and they want to stop this. Obviously it’s bad for them because they keep having their visitors jumping up and down about their computers being infected by my clients websites.

Out of all of this I have found out a few things that I think deserve sharing. Continue reading WordPress Security

Can’t see the ‘Advanced DNS Zone Editor’ icon in CPanel

I had a problem recently where a client needed to update their DNS settings so that they could get an external mail server working with their hosting account.  This shouldn’t be a problem. All you need to do is set up the MX record to point to mail.domain.com and set up mail.domian.com to point to the Exchange server that they have in their office. This simple idea came unstuck when they couldn’t add in the A record for the mail server. Continue reading Can’t see the ‘Advanced DNS Zone Editor’ icon in CPanel

Cufon only uses the last font loaded

I’ve had another problem using Cufon on a site. I have to say that I don’t think that this one is the fault of Cufon, or the WordPress plugin programmer  – I think that it’s a general JavaScript issue.

The problem that I had was that I had to use two different fonts with Cufon to replace different tags on the site. What happened was that the tags were all being replaced, but they were all being replaced by one only one font, which was the last font that was loaded. Continue reading Cufon only uses the last font loaded